Step It Up


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We are challenging the entire county to
“Step It Up” and reach our goal of a healthier community!

Step It Up Erie County is a physical activity campaign focused on creating a healthier workforce and community. Employees spend one-third of their day at work sitting at a desk or in meetings – it’s time to create a culture of well-being and incorporate more physical activity into the day: before, during, and after work.

The Step It Up Erie County offers encouragement to be active for 8-weeks, competing against other local businesses and organizations in good, physical fun.

2023 Steps
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Individuals Leaderboard

Nov 27 – Nov 28


Groups Leaderboard

Nov 27 – Nov 28

Small (5-20)
Medium (21-35)
Large (36+)
Exercise and daily movement helps improve mood and sleep, reduces risk of chronic diseases, improves muscle strength and endurance, and helps you live longer.

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