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Step It Up 2024!

Step It Up 2024 runs April 1 – May 26.

Compete against local businesses and organizations by tracking your activity each week. All steps count and will be converted into a team average.

If you participated last year, please log in and take a look at your account to make sure you are on the correct team.

If you are new to participating, please make an account at the link below by March 29. You can search for a group from your new profile.

Your daily steps and any additional exercise count! All of the following activities can be recorded as 2000 steps/1 mile.

Walking – Running – Swimming
Miles Completed: 1 mile

Cycling (street or mountain)
Miles Completed: 3 miles

Aerobics (moderate intensity)
Spinning – Stairmaster – Water Aerobics
Minutes Completed: 20 minutes

Gardening or Raking Leaves 
Minutes Completed: 30 minutes

Yoga – Strength Training – Pilates – Barre
Minutes Completed: 30 minutes

Basketball – Tennis – Pickleball
Minutes Completed: 20 minutes

Minutes Completed: 45 minutes

Wheeling Self in Wheelchair
Minutes Completed: 20 minutes

Wheelchair Basketball – Tennis – Racing – Hockey – Football
Minutes Completed: 20 minutes

Leann Sestak

Leann Sestak

Health Educator at Erie County Department of Health. My favorite ways to move are: going on a hike, playing soccer, and doing strength training

Step It Up Erie County Sponsor