Teams/Groups and Points

Forming a team/group: Local businesses, nonprofits, faith-based organizations, and government entities are encouraged to form a team or group with a minimum of five team members. Each organization can have multiple teams or groups if permitted by the organization.

Teams or groups must be connected to a business or organization. No private teams are permitted.

Earning points: Participants earn steps or step equivalents through any type of intentional exercise. Intentional exercise is something that takes a little bit of extra effort to do. Intentional exercise is typically planned and is not part of your regular day-to-day needs or routine.

All intentional exercise counts!

Examples of intentional exercise are:

  • Attending a fitness class
  • Walking with a friend on a lunch break or after work
  • Walking/biking to a meeting instead of driving
  • Short exercise videos on work breaks

    If movement/physical activity is part of the nature of your job, that’s wonderful! Consider getting your “steps” by doing yoga, strength training or something else.

    Use your best judgement to determine what should count. Here’s a printable version of the Physical Activity Conversion Chart.

    Team score: Your weekly team score is calculated into a team average: the total number of team steps reported divided by the total number of team members. Activity must be entered each Monday for the previous week in order to be calculated into the score.


    • Team 1 has 12 team members and reported 97,000 steps. Weekly score is: 8,083.
    • Team 2 has 25 team members and reported 167,000 steps. Weekly score is: 6,680.
    • Team 3 has 37 team members and reported 462,000. Weekly score is 12,486.

    The more team members who consistently move each week, the better the team score will be.

    Team/Group Categories

    Team/Group sizes to choose from are:

    • Small (5-20)
    • Medium (21-35)
    • Large (36+)

    Grab your colleagues and let’s get moving!

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    Physical Activity Conversion Chart

    All of the following activities can be recorded as 2000 steps/1 mile.

    • Cardio/Aerobics

    • Walking – Running – Swimming
      1 mile = 1 mile/2000 steps

    • Cycling (street or mountain)/
      3 miles = 1 mile/2,000 steps

    • Vigorous intensity exercise (somewhat hard to talk)  Spinning – Stairmaster – water aerobics – adaptive exercises – Cross fit – HITT – Tabata
      20 minutes = 1 mile/2,000 steps

    • Moderate intensity (easy to talk)
      See activities above
      30 minutes = 1 mile/2,000 steps

    • Basketball – Tennis – Pickleball – Soccer
      20 minutes = 1 mile/2,000 steps

    • Volleyball
      45 minutes = 1 mile/2,000 steps

    • Strength/Weights

    • Yoga – Strength Training – Pilates – Barre – Adaptive Exercises – Weightlifting – Resistance Band Exercise                      

       30 Minutes = 1 mile/2,000 steps 

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