What’s In a Name?

Erie Walks is now called Step It Up Erie County! The new name is to highlight different forms of exercise and to encourage participants to increase their physical activity.

Moving forward, the program will calculate the average number of steps participants complete. All of your reported steps will be counted and calculated into the average.

Why steps? Steps are easier count or to convert with different movements.

All of the following activities can be recorded as 2000 steps/1 mile.

Walking – Running – Swimming
Miles Completed: 1 mile

Cycling (street or mountain)
Miles Completed: 3 miles

Aerobics (moderate intensity)
Spinning – Stairmaster – Water Aerobics
Minutes Completed: 20 minutes

Gardening or Raking Leaves 
Minutes Completed: 30 minutes

Yoga – Strength Training – Pilates – Barre
Minutes Completed: 30 minutes

Basketball – Tennis – Pickleball
Minutes Completed: 20 minutes

Minutes Completed: 45 minutes

Wheeling Self in Wheelchair
Minutes Completed: 20 minutes

Wheelchair Basketball – Tennis – Racing – Hockey – Football
Minutes Completed: 20 minutes

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